Dermatological surgery options in Lincoln, NE

At Heibel Dermatology, we provide electrosurgery, cryosurgery (the use of liquid nitrogen), nail surgery, biopsy techniques and excisional surgery of benign or malignant lesions with appropriate closures including grafts and flaps.

Mohs Surgery

Mohs micrographically controlled surgery is a specialized technique that your dermatologist may apply in certain situations. Performed by specially trained dermatologic surgeons, skin cancer is removed in an office setting while the patient is under anaesthesia. Following this, microscopic slides are then prepared. The surgeon will examine the slides to determine if all cancer cells have been removed. Additional layers are taken off if this is not the case.
Generally, dermatologists agree that recurrent skin cancers, incompletely removed skin cancers, large skin cancers, and skin cancers in visible areas (the face) can benefit from Mohs technique. After skin cancer has been removed, it may be allowed to heal naturally. If this is not the case, reconstructive surgery using skin graft or a skin flap can be performed. Talk to us to learn more about dermatological surgery in Lincoln, NE.
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